About Us


Hola Amigos!  
The Latinos love language is food, is the rich scent of strong morning coffee to share with your partner, and the delicious snacks one makes for family and friends. We grew up with this culture and in our efforts to share this with our community we opened up the best neighbourhood coffee in Vancouver. 

This way, we can share the food we love, while at the same time we can celebrate the beauty and warmth of the city. 
Cardero Cafe is a family run business started by immigrant Latin American women. We started out in Cardero Street, where we transformed a beautiful two-story house into a brightly little coffee shop. The Cafe menu specializes in getting you your caffeine fix and fresh homemade Latin pastries, it’s the perfect spot to huddle in during cold winter months, or on quiet afternoons during siesta time. We can definitely say we make the best coffee in Vancouver, and it’s all made from locally roasted Colombian coffee beans. 

After a while we opened our Latin Snackery in the corner of Davies Street. It’s a cute café that is like a hidden gem in the middle of the bustling city. We consider it the best place to take a breather and grab a refreshing drink on hot summer days. What makes it more awesome, it that the snackery’s menu is full-on Latin. This is the one place in Vancouver where you can get authentic Latin American snacks, sweets and drinks on the go. You may be in the middle of a busy street, but with our unique choice of diverse dishes, it feels like you’re in a café in Central America.  
We have a crew of beautiful and diverse individuals who have been with us from the start of our journey. With our crew and our neighborhood regulars, we have created a safe, inclusive space for all individuals. For our diverse multi-cultural Vancouver community, our fellow LGBTQ+ and anyone who walks in through our doors.   
Along with the local Latin community in Vancouver we have compiled all the wonderful aspects of Latin American culture into our cafes. Each location has a snack grocery full of healthy goodies that you can browse through as you wait for your order. We have a large selection of gluten free snacks from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and more! With love from our Latin roots we want to bring you Latin America in every bite.